If you or your company are the original purchaser of the System-on-Module (SoM) or Single Board Computer (SBC) in question, you can submit an RMA request to have the SoM or SBC repaired by our technical team. We will happily repair in-warranty or out-of-warranty items for a reasonable fee. RMA requests can be submitted via our website: https://embeddedTS.com/support/rma

If you are not the original purchaser of the SoM or SBC, it is unfortunately in your best interest to contact the company whose device the component(s) came from. The SoM and/or SBC is a highly customizable device that frequently does not arrive in the consumer's hands without significant software and possibly hardware modification that cannot be replicated here at embeddedTS. The best and safest solution under such circumstances is to follow the chain of possession one link at a time and allow those companies to help you with your needs specific to their products, and allow them to handle any support or RMA as the deem necessary.