1 General Regulation and Certification

Technologic Systems believes it is in our customers' best interest that this testing be performed as few times as possible to minimize the extremely high cost of regulatory compliance. As most of our products are components of a larger whole, any testing and certification would of necessity be redone in a final product, negating some or most value gained by previous testing costs. To that end, Technologic Systems does not normally perform UL, CE, or other testing for regulatory compliance and consumer listing beyond such testing as required by US law. The result is a significantly lower per-unit cost to everyone involved. If your product requires such certification, please contact Technologic Systems' sales team. We will help as much as we can to provide the information necessary to obtain the certifications you require.

2 UL 94v-0 Flammability Compliance

All PCB used in Technologic Systems hardware are UL 94v-0 compliant, and bear the applicable stamp. If further documentation or information is required, please contact sales@embeddedTS.com.