In late 2019 we retired our TS-7400 device with 32 MB NAND flash in favor of the 128 MB flash devices that are more readily available. You can read more details about this changeover here:

The following is a step-by-step guide to take a TS-7400-*-128F-* device and restore its NAND flash back to the factory image. The following items are required for this process:

  • A TS-9441 (must be updated to support the 128 MB TS-7400 variant if it supports 32 MB. See these instructions:
  • A full size SD card. If running through the above instructions to update the TS-9441, that same SD card can be used later as the steps below will start with that same image and add additional files to the SD card. We recommend a "standard capacity" SDSC card, SDHC may be used, SDXC is not compatible with the TS-7400.
  • A Linux workstation, used for prepping the SD card and connecting to the TS-7400 serial console. We recommend running all commands for the workstation as the root user, e.g. 'sudo su'
  • An RS-232 connection to the TS-7400 for console.

Note that no network connectivity of the TS-7400 is required, however, an internet connection on the Linux workstation is required to download the necessary files to the SD card to prepare it.

Steps 1-7 only need to be completed once to prepare an SD card for restoring a TS-7400. Additional TS-7400s being restored can skip steps 1-7.

  1. Format a fresh SD card with our "ts9441-updater" image: (This step can be skipped if using an SD card that has already been prepped via the TS-9441 update process, it is not necessary to re-create it if it was used prior.)
  2. Insert the formatted "ts9441-updater" SD card in to host Linux workstation (or re-insert if using the same workstation)
  3. Mount the third partition, e.g. 'mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/host'
  4. Make binaries directory, 'mkdir /mnt/host/binaries'
  5. Move to that directory, 'cd /mnt/host/binaries'
  6. Download relevant files to SD:
    chmod a+x flash_eraseall
    chmod a+x mtdcopy-static
    wget -O 128-mbr
    wget -O 128-kernel
    wget -O 128-initrd
    wget -O 128-filesystem

  7. Unmount SD card from workstation, e.g. 'cd && umount /mnt/host'
  8. Install SD card in to TS-7400, install TS-9441 on TS-7400, Set "Boot" jumper and remove "Write EN" jumper on the TS-9441, connect serial console, and then power.
  9. Mount SD card on TS-7400 and run all of the relevant commands:
    insmod sdcard.o
    mount -oro /dev/sdcard0/disc0/part3 /mnt/root
    cd /mnt/root/binaries
    ./flash_eraseall /dev/mtd/0  # Note! You may see Input/Output errors here, this is due to badblocks and is benign
    ./mtdcopy-static 128-mbr 0 0
    ./mtdcopy-static 128-kernel 1 0
    ./mtdcopy-static 128-initrd 2 0
    mkdir /onboardflash
    mount /dev/mtdblock/3 /onboardflash/
    cd /onboardflash/
    tar xvf /mnt/root/binaries/128-filesystem
    cd -
    umount /onboardflash/

  10. At this point, the restoration is complete. Power can be removed from the TS-7400 as all filesystems are mounted read-only or are not mounted. Repeat steps 8 & 9 on additional TS-7400 units.