This is a short article intended to give an example of how to load multiple PC104 serial devices at the same time.  In this example, the TS-SER4 is jumpered to use IRQ 7 with the first four COM addresses listed in com= below, and the TS-IRIDIUM jumpered for IRQ5 at address 0x3A8.  The below commands also set uncontrolled PC104 lines to their correct states for compatibility with these two peripheral boards.  The commands run would be something like these:

tshwctl --setdio 0

tshwctl --setdio 1

tshwctl --setdio 2

tshwctl --setdio 3

tshwctl --clrdio 4

tshwctl --clrdio 7

modprobe ts4700_isa16550 com=0x3f8,0x2f8,0x3e8,0x2e8,0x3a8 irq=7,7,7,7,5

There you have it!  Five new serial ports should be found and usable at their respective /dev/ node entries.