tl:dr?  Send an email to and we will re-send an email address verification link, which will fix your account.

We're sorry you're having trouble logging in.  It happens!  It might even be our fault!  Please let us help fix it!

Sometimes the helpdesk software gets a little confused and needs a gentle push.  If you're stuck at the "That's the wrong password" screen, but it seems like the password reset feature is not working, please send an email to let us know.  In the vast majority of cases we can fix it by simply forcing the system to re-send your address verification email (it's so common we have a button just for that).

We understand it's a huge break in workflow to have to pause and wait for our support team to respond to a support ticket.  Please be patient with us though.  We promise we'll get your account fixed as soon as we possibly can.