The question comes up from time to time asking what mating connector should be used for the COM, ADC, DIO, LCD, etc. ports on Technologic Systems SBC products.  These connectors (datasheet attached) are almost always the same industry-ubiquitous 0.10" pin header.  This connector, and its mating connectors, are manufactured by almost every connector manufacturer in the world.  Some examples are readily available from 3M, Samtec, Tyco, and many others.  

Unfortunately, for those who have never needed to actually procure one of these mating connectors, they seem to be very hard to find.  This article aims to assist with that trouble.

For partially pre-assembled cables:

Using Digikey, navigate from the product index to cable assemblies -> rectangular cable assemblies:

In the menu that follows:

Select the total number of pins on the header under the "Number of Positions" column (that is, if it's a 2x8 connector, then there are 16 pins).

Select the total number of rows (this is almost always 2) under the "Number of Rows" column.

Select 0.100" (2.54mm) from the "Pitch - Connector" column.

Select one or more (as applicable) of "Socket to -" for your specific application from the "connector type" column.

Click "apply filters".  You should now arrive at a page much like this one.

For PCB-to-PCB mounting, you might try something like this link.

This link is an example of a mating connector appropriate for the TS-8551 CN1 and CN2 even/odd pin headers.

Of course you don't have to use Digi-Key.  This is just one example.  If you have a preferred electronics supply distributor, contact your distributor's representative for assistance with their inventory search tools.  For other connectors, please feel free to open a ticket with our support team and we'll be happy to provide more detail to address your specific need.