These are a couple thoughts I felt might be useful to the community as a whole. Especially for newcomers but perhaps applicable to old-timers alike.

As a community forum we hope this will become a flourishing area where engineers will be willing to share not just their support requests, but also their answers, clever solutions, and even projects. In order to bolster this concept there are a couple of good things to keep in mind:

First: Always be constructive! We all understand engineering is sometimes very frustrating and what better way to vent that than to log into the local forum and mash out some unpleasant language onto the internet. Please refrain from being like this. Go have a cup of your favorite beverage, take a walk, get some air, whatever. Never post angry. 

As a corollary:  When you do need to express a problem (real or imagined) be sure to include as much detail as you can so those who are watching and waiting to help have as much information as possible. "It broke, fix it!" just does not provide enough detail to warrant more than a sarcastic response.

Finally: Never simply post "I fixed it, thanks". While the thanks is appreciated by all those who helped, the "I fixed it" will not help someone with the same question. If a problem has been answered PLEASE post the answer as clearly as possible so hopefully the next person who happens to have the same problem as you can benefit from the community's knowledge without having to ask the same question over again.

Thanks for reading!