This is the Technologic Systems Developer Forum and Solutions Knowledge Base.  It is our belief that through this portal we can help expose the various means of support to our customers and downstream engineering partners.

There are four kinds of support at Technologic Systems, and they are not mutually exclusive:

1.  Forum Support: 

  A public inquiry where you can provide a lot of detail, but response times may vary as well as the skill level of the users answering.  Note:  At this time Technologic Systems is no longer hosting our own community forums.  There are many wonderful engineering communities abroad.  We suggest starting with Stack Overflow as an excellent engineering community resource.

2.  Email support:

  A private inquiry where you can provide a lot of detail, and someone at TS will get back to you in a timely manner with the most skilled answer we can muster.  

  Click here to send an email to

3.  Telephone Support:

  A private inquiry where the problem is general and the answer need not be overly detailed.  This is best reserved to supplement an existing conversation, or if you are just looking for some advice where "off the top of our head" is an acceptable level of detailed knowledge about the topic.  Phone support is available by calling our main telephone number 480-837-5200.

4.  The RMA:

  This is best reserved for troubles that are identifiable as needing some manner of hardware intervention, repair, or replacement such as "The device still does not power on after checking all connections and power inputs" or "What's that burning smell?".  RMAs are started through the TS RMA web page here: