Lead times will be staged out in 2 steps 

1) Approximate lead times on un-firm orders

  • This can be quoted any time and on all standard products *except 72xx, 74xx and 73xx 

  • Applies also to customized products (look at the lifecycle group and the description to determine this) 

  • Does NOT apply to full custom products. (look at the lifecycle group and the description to determine this) 

2) Final committed lead times/delivery dates on firm orders

  • This can only be determined AFTER order is firmed, typically several days after.

  • This is only provided to the customer AFTER verifying stock on shelf, consulting with Dave, or verifying a CM job is associated with the SO

  • For full custom products it may take a week or more, DO NOT consult Laura, all queries go to Dave (or Eliza if additional help is needed)

Both steps for lead times use the same calculation guidelines, the reason for waiting until after verifying the materials plans before committing to final delivery dates on the order to the customer is in anticipation that there will still be some materials issues that could lead to longer lead time on individual products.

Calculating Lead Times:

Lead time calculation is to ship date, shipping time is added to the calculation to create the due to customer date that prints on the Sales Order Acknowledgement  form. .

Final delivery is a SUM of build time and test time, if stock on shelf then build time = 0.

Build time includes Production Planning (Dave), Kit Picking (Linda), and CM Build time (First)

Test Time covers all activities in production, when calculating dates for SOs use the larger number.

Lead time/Ship date = (Build Time) + (Test Time)

To trigger a build we must have open orders of 50 pieces or more on the product family, preferably 100

We will be offering a flat $500 expedite fee to all orders greater than 10 less than 50 pieces who want to trigger a build without waiting for other orders to arrive on the same product family.  Please start the conversation with the customer, and then approach Dave for approval.   You must have final approval from Dave before updating the order as it will not be an option on some boards. 

Build Time = 4.5 weeks

Test Time = 

1-2 pieces – 2 business days

3-9 pieces – 3 business days

10-24 pieces – 1 to 2 weeks

25-49 pieces – 2 to 3 weeks

50-99 pieces – 3 to 4 weeks

100+ pieces – 3-5 weeks

*NOTE: As of 06/01/23 For any product using Cirrus Logic Processor (TS-72xx (original), TS-74xx (original), TS-73xx) ONLY ELIZA CAN APPROVE AND REQUEST A BUILD.  These products require the PHY Expedite and Customer Approval for the rework.  Eliza must give Dave the rework instructions on a per job basis. (When 35-0070-5 runs out we are finished with this Expedite) 72xx_73xx_74xx_Micrel_Phy_Cirrus_CPU Text Jan 2023