Technologic Systems documents the hardware and software for its products within the published features and intended uses of each product, however there are some scenarios where a CPU used in one of our products has more capability than Technologic Systems can advertise or properly document for a particular product.  In those cases, the downstream developer may need to seek further information from the chip manufacturer directly.

This need holds true for the processors used in the TS-47xx series and TS-7250-V2 SBC.  Unfortunately the needed document has been removed from public visibility by the chip manufacturer.  Due to express contracts between Marvell and Technologic Systems, we are not permitted to host this material outside of Marvell's purview.  Technologic Systems' best recommendation at this time is to suggest the downstream developer pursue its own NDA with Marvell to obtain the CPU documentation desired, or contact us for other means of achieving your particular goals without the use of the CPU features in question.

Technologic Systems is happy to pass your request along to the appropriate contacts within Marvell.  To facilitate this need, please fill out the following information and send it to our support team along with a short explanation of your need:

---Marvell NDA request information---
Complete Company Legal Name (ex: Inc, LLC, etc.)
Company Address
Company Contact (who signs NDA)
Title of Contact (who will sign NDA)
Company Phone
Email Contact (where the NDA will be sent for signature, can be other than the contact who will sign the NDA)
(If your email domain is significantly different than your company name please explain here)
---end form---